Hot spring in Beitou (Taipei)

Beitou (北投 Běi tóu) is a district in the North of Taipei famous for its hot springs.

It's a nice place to spend an evening, specially in winter. Also a good choice for couples when visiting Taiwan.

We left Taipei around 4pm on Saturday. The red metro line goes all the way to Beitou, and then to get to the hot springs there is a special line with only one station, xinbeitou (新北投 xīn běi tóu). It takes about one hour from the city center to get there.

The hot spring we went to this time is called "Spring City Resort" (春天酒店 chūn tiān jiǔ diàn). It costs 800 TWD / person to go to the outdoor hot spring, where they have about 9 different pools of varying temperatures.

We didn't go there this time, but I remember that the Spa Spring Resort (水都 shuǐdōu) also had some nice outdoor hot springs.

After the hot spring, we went to Beitou night market, located along Gongguan Rd (公館路 gōng guǎn lù) for dinner.